Cable Locator Kit


DL1093 Wall Scanner


The DL1093 is a compact high accuracy 3-in-1 wall scanner which detacts voltage, studs and metal behind walls.

The DL1093 has easy to use function keys, which makes detecting fast and Reliable. The DL1093 also has a built in torch for poorly lit areas.



  • Wooden and Metal Stud Detection
  • Metal Pipe Detection
  • Tracing live cables in walls up to 20mm depth
  • Dynamic LCD and Audible Indication
  • Fully Automatic Opperation
  • Carry Case


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Display Dynamic LCD
Voltage indication 50 – 600 V
Frequency range 0 – 60Hz
Wooden/Metal Stud Detection 30mm
Metal Pipe Detection 50mm
Voltage Detection 20mm
Power supply 1 x 9 V batteries
Dimensions 160 x 74 x 42 mm
Weight 154g