Lamp Tester


DL7203 Lamp Tester


The DL7203 is a handy test instrument for swift fault finding in all gasfilled low pressure and high pressure discharge lamps and fluorescent tubes.

The DL7203 safely tests fluorescent lamps, the test is carried out without disassembling the lamp from the fitting which can be tested in-situ .



  • Tests flourecent tubes
  • High/low pressure sodium lamps
  • Neon and mercury vapour
  • Metal Halide
  • Intergrated single pole voltage detection
  • Optical and acoustic display for voltage and continuity






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Voltage detection 60 - 250V AC
Continuity 0 - 5M Ohm
Accuracy ± 1.5mm (0.06 inch)
Lamp Tester Voltage 3kV/160kHz (test current 200mA)
Dimensions 189 x 70 x 50mm
Weight 60g
Power supply 1 x 9 V, IEC 6LR61