Digital Thermometer


DL7204 IR Professional Themometer


Fast response with laboratory accuracy. Works with K type temp probes and the supplied infra red sensor.

Large backlit display shows any combinations of T1, T2, T3, T1- T2, T2-T3, T2-T3 plus max, min, Average.


• Relative time clock on MAX, MIN and Avg

• Electronic offset function

• USB interface, USB to UART bridge

• 18,000 records data logger per channel

• Auto power off mode.


Dual input contact thermometer offering fast and accurate temperature indication. K type single or dual input with differential temperature.




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Measurement Range Accuracy
K- TypeTemperature °C -200 to 1372°C ±0.15 % rdg ± 1°C
K-Type Temperature °F -328 to 2501°F ± 0.15 % ± 1.8°F
IR Probe Temperature °C -30 to 550°C ±2.0 % rdg ± 2°C
IR Probe Temperature °F -22 to 1022°F ± 2.0 % ± 3.6°F
Input protection 60 V DC or 24 V AC rms
Power supply 1 x 9V battery
Dimensions 203 x 75 x 50 mm
Weight 280g