Primetest 250


Comprehensive handheld manual PAT tester




Seaward's lightweight, portable Primetest 250 PAT tester is unique in its range of safety tests. The PrimeTest 250 will perform all of the tests required by the IEE Code of Practice, including RCD trip, protective conductor current and touch current where required. The unit also includes a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances and surge protected leads.

The PrimeTest 250 is ideal for ensuring that all workplace electrical equipment does not pose a danger to users -including three-phase machinery*. As a result, 3-phase industrial plant and equipment used in factories, workshops, schools and colleges can all be tested safely and effectively.

The unique range of tests incorporated in this lightweight and highly versatile instrument means that most workplace appliances can be tested using long life battery power. However, when protective conductor current or touch current measurements are required, simply connecting a mains supply will automatically select the correct test sequence.

The Primetest 250 is designed for ease of use and carries out all electrical safety tests against pre-set limits with measured test results and clear PASS/FAIL indication on a large display.

The PrimeTest 250 is an easy-to-use tester which is ideal for those who need to test a wide range of electrical equipment.

*For 3 phase and RCD testing, accessories are required.



  • LCD display backlight
  • All portable appliance tests
  • Tests class I and II equipment including IT and business equipment
  • Extension and IEC lead tests
  • Socket polarity check
  • RCD tests on 10/30mA
  • 3 Phase differential leakage current*
  • Voltage AC and DC


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Earth continuity

0.01 Ω - 19.99 Ω, 200mA minimum into 2Ω

Pass value Pass value 0.2 Ω
Insulation resistance 0.01 MΩ - 19.99 MΩ, 250/500VDC @1mA nominal
Pass value 1 MΩ Class I, 2 MΩ Class II
Equivalent leakage 0.15mA to 9.99mA, 40V nominal AC
Pass value 0.75mA CL I / 0.25mA CL II
IEC lead test 5V DC nominal
IEC checks Checks Live/Neutral for c/c, s/c, and crossed
Protective conductor
current (earth leakage)
0.15mA to 9.99mA, Supply voltage, max current 13A
Pass value 0.75 mA/3.50mA user selectable with 0.75mA as default
Touch current 0.10mA to 5.00mA, Supply voltage, max current 13A
Pass value 0.25mA
RCD trip time 10mA / 30mA rms, 0ms to 500ms @ 0 & 180 Degrees auto switched
Pass value 200ms

3 phase differential leakage current

*Requires 3 phase adaptor accessory

0.10mA to 9.99mA, 3 phase supply voltage
Pass value 3.5mA
Power socket check 225 - 254V AC  max current 13A

Line potential phase to earth

Line potential phase to neutral

Line potential neutral to earth

Power supply 6 x AA batteries / 225-245V AC for powered tests
Dimensions 260 x 100 x 55 mm
Weight 800 g


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