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ApplianceTest DLPT1 and DLPT2 - FREE DLPTKIT Accessory Pack
DLPT1 with Free Accessory Pack

Di-log are please to offer, for a limeted period only, our NEW ApplianceTest PAT testers with a FREE DLPTKIT Accessory Pack

The Kit includes:

• TL110 - 110V Adaptor for 110V Testing

• LP500 - 500 Pass labels

• PATCheck - PAT Tester Check Box

• PGElements - PatGuard Elements software

• DLC107 - PAT Testing Log Book

• PATTraining - Seaward's Online Product PAT Training Voucher + Guide to PAT Testingk

ApplianceTest DLPT1 Details

ApplianceTest DLPT2 Details


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DLPT1 and DLPT2 Sales Flyer



EKB001 - Electricians Test Kit Bundle

Di-log are please to offer, for a limeted period only, our EKB001 - Electricians Test Kit Bundle

The Kit includes:

• The Award Winning CombVolt™ 2 Voltage & Continuity Tester DL6790

• The DL9204 Compact Digital Multimeter

• The DL1090 Buzzing Socket Tester

• The PL107N Voltage Detector


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EKB001 Sales Flyer

EKB001 Editable (Word) Offer Sheet


9083P Test Kit Offer

Di-log are please to offer the the most comprehensive 17th Edition Test kit for the money on the market

The Kit includes:

9083P 17th Edition Multifunction Tester

DL6790 CombiVolt™ 2

DL1203 Hands Free Carry Harness

QuickCheck Resistor Check Card

CalCert Full Calibration Certificate

Manufactured in the UK




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9083P PDF Offer Sheet

9083P Editable (Word) Offer Sheet


Apollo 600 Summer Offer
















Seaward has introduced a ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ promotion, giving away free PAT record keeping and health and safety software, with online training.

For a limited period only, buyers of the Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester kit will receive a free added value package of extras, worth £249, that includes a 12 month licence for the PAT Guard 3 Elite software, access to a practical online training course with exam and a special PAT testing guide.


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Apollo 600 Summer Sizzler Offer Sheet and information



Di-log 9083P Special Offer Sheet